Glasscorp provides a wide range of services for general contractors throughout the southeastern United States.

Glass Glazing

The Glasscorp team has produced countless high-quality glass windows and doors through the years. From installing the glass into a small window frame on the wall of a retail store to providing the glass façade for a large, high-end office building, Glasscorp is the trusted option for glass glazing projects in the southeast.

Storefront And Curtain Wall

Glasscorp has worked on a large number of storefront projects over the past nine years, providing different, customized, top-of-the-line materials to help fit the customer’s specific desired results. For a full list of the products and materials we use, please visit our “Products” page.

Architectural Metal

Glasscorp frequently works with various types of metals, most notably aluminum. Our team imports high-caliber metals, cuts them down into the shape or size that is needed, and then goes to work building them into aluminum frames for doors or windows.

General Fenestration Projects

Most (if not all) commercial, industrial, medical, retail, government, and military buildings need windows to be installed. Our top-quality products, strict safety protocols, and commitment to excellence have made Glasscorp the most reliable team of commercial glazing contractors in the region.


GlassCorp provides its services in the following sectors:


Institutional Facilities

Educational facilities

Military & Government buildings


Industrial buildings

Areas We Serve

Glasscorp is proud of its ability to provide excellent service to the entire state of South Carolina, the coastal areas of southern North Carolina and northeastern Georgia, and the Charlotte, NC area. The list of markets we primarily serve are:

• Charleston, SC
• North Charleston, SC
• Kiawah, SC
• Columbia, SC
• Beaufort, SC

• Greenville, SC
• Myrtle Beach, SC
• Charlotte, NC
• Wilmington, NC
• Savannah, GA